Sears Real Estate

For years I have been involved with helping people, whether it be in the Restaurant business or Sales. The Restaurant industry taught me about the customer's needs and provided instant feedback on the good and the bad. The Sales industries I have been involved with are, Retail, Business to Business, Inside sales and Door to Door. Retail sales require attentiveness without being overbearing and listening to the customer's needs. Business to Business require the ability to show the customer what separate's you from the competition, Deliver their goods in the timeframe promised, provide quality at a good price, and follow through on your word. Inside sales require you to build a relationship over the phone, develop that into a solid business relationship and most importantly, it taught me how to problem solve. Door to Door, the toughest of them all, you have 20-30 seconds to make a impression on someone before you lose your window of opportunity and they tell you to go away and slam the door.
Over the years I've worked directly with local restaurants, Country Clubs, Nursing Homes, Military and Defense contractors, Fiber Optic and Cable manufacturing, Precision optical lens Manufacturing, Underwater Submarine Antenna and Sonar manufacturing, Pharmaceutical manufacturing, Circuit Board Manufacturing, Cleanroom Manufacturing and The Cable industry. I've dealt with everyone from the Chef, Production line manager, Purchasing manager, to the CEO. Everyone that I've come into contact with got the same level of dedication, follow through and commitment.
Each one of these positions have taught me something different. But they all come together to help me provide my Real estate clients with the best possible experience in the selling or purchasing of their home. In most cases the biggest purchase of their lives will hinge on how I help them through this process. My backround will assure you that you will be taken care of from the first step in the process to the time your handed the keys are handed over.